Thursday, October 29, 2009


A couple of months ago I bought two bubbleshields and a blue metalflake helmet on e-bay. The seller was a real dumbass who didn't knew how to check his paypal account and it took me a whole lot of phone calls to get my shit over here and his stupidity allmost got me nuts!! But yesterday....

helmets and bubbleshieds

Well yeah, he got me a little crazy. But that fits the crazy helmets rather good i'd say.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Choppertown Nation Party Germany

Last weekend Choppertown Nation organized a party in Germany. Party?? Lets go!!The weather forecast was terrible, but still Mr. Magic and I decided to take the bikes for the 160 mile ride. With a 90% chance on rain I was sort of forced to mount a front fender... BUMMER.
After about 65 mile we picked up Hairy an Erik who went by car. Later that evening Rene and Mieke would also join the party.
Arrival at Erik's. He made us some hot soup and sugarbread! Thanks mate!

All wrapped up in plastic and still havin' fun!!

(yes; front fenders r gay!!)

the Quartier Latin pub

Rene, some drunk f*ck and Hairy.

Dickies was there!!

Nothing in the world beats a wild ride, a party with your friends,
meeting new peoples and a shitload of beer!!

Breakfast in Germany.

On the road food. Is that a tomato?
No kidding mr. Magic, that pretty healty for ya!

Two different worlds! My Frisco and mr. Magics electrical parade!
A freakin' Bagger!! But it's always big fun to ride with him!!