Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ali bombaye!!!...

.....was what the people in Zaïre where shouting during "the rumble in the jungle", the epic fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman, today 34 years ago. It means "Ali, kill him!!"

Now don't be fooled by the date on the poster, 25th of September. The fight was delate because Foreman was injured during his training.

The fight was the main attraction in a great festival with some of the greatest artist of the seventies; James Brown, B.B. King, the Spinners and many more. No one thought Ali could win, but using his rope-a-dop strategy, wearing Foreman out, he was able to knock him down in the 8th round.

Like 70's soul and boxing? Like Muhammed Ali? Then you should see the Acadamy award winning documantary "when we were Kings". Containing the compleet fight in Zaïre, and that other famous fight against Frazier "a thrilla in Manilla"

"if you think the world was surprised when Nixon resigned,
wait till I kick Foremans behind!"

" I'm bad,
been chopping trees, I done something new,
I have wrestled with an alligator, I tussled with a whale.
I handccuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail!
That's bad!
Only last week I murdered a rock!
Injured a stone!
Hospitalised a brick!
I'm so mean I make medicine sick!"

Ali, greatest of al time? Hell yeah!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn ride

The weather isn't really crispy the last few days. Lots of rain and pretty cold. So it was pretty cool to ride in the sun with Jessey on our way to Martin's place. I met Jessey on a couple of party's where we talked a lot about choppers and rock 'n roll. Cool guy. He builded himself this cheap Kawa chopper when he was 17 years old. Now, 18, he's makes me feel a real geezer!Martin is gathering his parts for a new chopper. Here (on dope.....again!?)
he's still not sure what gastank to use.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

one of those days

Found out that the rivets that should keep my sprocket on the drum where in really bad shape! No ride's today!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Philips shed..

... is stuffed with choppershit!!

After cleaning a flat black gastank Phil found this flake paintjob from way back!! Cool pillion and twistedmetal seatsprings at the ceiling
Philip is happy with his Warbirdlight

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Robert johnson and the punchdrunks


Steve mcQueen is cool
Mohammed Ali is the greatest
Elvis Presley is the King
Santo is el enmascarado de plata

Bruce Lee is the Dragon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's a little evil......

Harley Davidson-Aermacchi SX

Drove around on a Harley-Aermacchi 125 for a while. Lots of fun, but not on the freeway!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the internet movie cars database

Now check this out; this pics are from the internet movie cars database.
A cool site for all your information about movie vehicles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trailers...... so go get beer!

Run Angel, Run

the Born Losers

the Glory Stompers

Angel unchained

Devil's Angels

Hells Angels on wheels

Hells Angels '69

Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween 2008

A bit early this year, but than again; the time is always right for a party with your friends.It was the annual Halloween movie night at Masto's garage cinema " Stolkshinski", and a good excuse for a barbeque.
We had three films: the midnight meat train, el Orfanato and [*rec]. the Spanish film [*rec] was my favorit. Like zombies? go and see [*rec]!!!

Eat meat!!

Ready to be seated.

Nico's Mill Mascaras shirt was cool as f*ck!!!

Now Masto works as 3D animator at a filmstudio and had the idea of makin' a short film featuring all the guests of the movie-night. For a couple of months he filmed everybody now and then. the filming actually took that long that it gave me the opportunitie to play the biker with a beard as well as the more shaved barowner. It resulted in the fake trailer/ short film "met de botte bijl", whitch means; "with a blunt axe". It's a big laugh!!

Chopper attack!!!

Me. Pic by flyin'dutchman

Thursday, October 9, 2008

These guys rule....

Now this guy on his supersporty rules bigtime because he's wearing on of the few really cool official Harley-Davidson shirts!! And he must be one dangerous badass, 'cause not many are man enough to wear theire hair like this

Now this guy rules because there was a time when he made real cool choppers. Like this insane Knucklehead! Now this guy rules because he is fearless indeed! You need balls the size of a bull to go ridin' with an ape combinated with these risers. Ready to snap or bend!!

Now this guy rules because....... because..... well, because he rules of course!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bottrop kustom kulture show 2009

Now you know......

And just to get you in the mood some pics from Bottrop 2008.

Suicide shifter?

Monday, October 6, 2008

on any surfday....

Well, last sunday it was time for Philips oldskool surf....uh...ride out? Philip was surf instructor for a couple of years and invited some of the guys for a day in the ocean. The weather wasn't quite what we expected. It was raining like hell and it was pretty cold to. Maybe this was the reason that just three of us showed up at "the Sublime Surfschool". Chopper-Case and Knögjarn turned up to shoot some pictures, I think they just wanted to see us newbies suffer or drown or something.

It's me, Philip, Hairy and Perro
Instructions are gay, so after 30 seconds we knew it all!!

Pretty tough, surfin', thats for sure. But than again; a Wipe out is rather easy! So after 2 hours we where exhausted. By that time there where more than 200 surfers around us. Probably laughin' their pants of! But whe really had one hell of a time! I'ts rotten that I don't live near the ocean, 'cause this could very easy become an addiction!
We went for a couple of beers and Perro found out that his arm became limp. And Hairy found out he broke his toe!! Really!! I felt pretty lousy by that time to, so we ended the day.