Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween 2008

A bit early this year, but than again; the time is always right for a party with your friends.It was the annual Halloween movie night at Masto's garage cinema " Stolkshinski", and a good excuse for a barbeque.
We had three films: the midnight meat train, el Orfanato and [*rec]. the Spanish film [*rec] was my favorit. Like zombies? go and see [*rec]!!!

Eat meat!!

Ready to be seated.

Nico's Mill Mascaras shirt was cool as f*ck!!!

Now Masto works as 3D animator at a filmstudio and had the idea of makin' a short film featuring all the guests of the movie-night. For a couple of months he filmed everybody now and then. the filming actually took that long that it gave me the opportunitie to play the biker with a beard as well as the more shaved barowner. It resulted in the fake trailer/ short film "met de botte bijl", whitch means; "with a blunt axe". It's a big laugh!!

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