Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mario's Dodge sportsman

Mario used to be my kickboxing and fitness trainer but when I stopped training we also stopped seeing each other on a regular base. Then he bought a Shovel and together we made it into a cool machine and drove it around the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and wathever for about two years before he sold it. And again we lost contact for about two years.

Than, last week, he called me for a cup of coffee at the gym where he showed me his new toy. A 1976 Dodge Sportsman SE Maxiwagon .
Man, the thing is huge!!! I tried to convince him that the only way to drive a car like this is with 12 guys going to the south of Europe, a shitload of beer and a case of goodmusic, but somehow he did not agree!?

He also bought himself a Roadking!!??..... but i'll forgive him.

Burt Munro

Yeah I know; old news. But I really loved this movie! Some of this pics, from the real Burt Munro, are verry recognizable when you've seen the film....

The real Burt holds a bag of money collected for him in Bonneville. The actual bag was used for the film!

Recognize the words on his shirt?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My '72 super-glide

This is me some years ago changing my shovel super-glide very low-budget. A couple of rattlecans, a donated sportster rear fender and a ape-hanger. Oh, and that le pera metalflake seat.
At the first ride to the first chopper-meeting of the year the fenderstrut broke. So I arrived without fender. Well, it's part of the game!

I used the engine and the rearwheel for my current chopper.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Garage Maniacs Party 2008

With a second "Garage Maniacs Party" coming up, lets take a look back at last year´s:
Last April the members from the Dutch/ Belgian "oldskoolchoppers" messageboard had a great time at their " Garage Maniacs Party". Most of them showed up at Erik's place.

the video invitation...

The Party

Me and my amigo's Coko and Masto as:

Tjebbe say's " COWABUNGA!! "

DBBP's Duckman is wondering why his feet are so smelly..

As with every good party the cops had to come by to end it.

Next mornin'...

Thank's again to Erik an his girl Angel for their hospitality.

See ya'll next year!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Luchadors, cool as f*ck????..

Yes, I do like Lucha Libre!! I have to admit that it's hard to see the matches here in Holland and that I like the classic fighters more, but still I do think that the masked Luchadors are cool as f*ck! Until now....
I've seen this book a few time's on the shelf, but was never able to look into it. It doesn't come cheap so I never bought it.
Well,I have seen it now, and it chanced my looks at the subject!
The book is called "Lucha Loco" by Malcolm Venville. Man, what's wrong with these guys?

Hombre Rata

Exotico la Chona



Super Muneco



Negro Navarro



Coco Blanco

Dr. Cerebro

Los Momias

But than again. The book Mondo Lucha a go-go suits me way better.

This is my way of Lucha Libre.

Luchadors cool as f*ck?........ HELL YEAH!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008