Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Garage Maniacs Party 2008

With a second "Garage Maniacs Party" coming up, lets take a look back at last year´s:
Last April the members from the Dutch/ Belgian "oldskoolchoppers" messageboard had a great time at their " Garage Maniacs Party". Most of them showed up at Erik's place.

the video invitation...

The Party

Me and my amigo's Coko and Masto as:

Tjebbe say's " COWABUNGA!! "

DBBP's Duckman is wondering why his feet are so smelly..

As with every good party the cops had to come by to end it.

Next mornin'...

Thank's again to Erik an his girl Angel for their hospitality.

See ya'll next year!!


Unknown said...

Looks like more fun then my grouptherapy!

Sik said...

Maybe you should consider an other terapist?? ;-)

Unknown said...

Maybe I need to get my fucking act straightend out (=shovel) and find a new group! ;)