Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rock and Roll Street, Midsland

Last weekend it was time for the 20th edition of "Rock & Roll Street" on the Dutch Island of Terschelling. The entire village of Midsland is stuffed with Rock a Billy bands and then they'll party for three day's. The funny thing to see is that the Islanders dress themselfs up with fake sideburns, wigs and petticoat kind of things, and then allow the hard-core rockers and psycho's, from the mainland, to blend in with this strange crowd. This results in three days of party without a single incident! 'Cause you just don't mess with the Islanders!
It's a real feelgood, campy festival with funnygames on a Solex and a lot of popcorn.

Sundaymorning I saw a Psycho-billy, totally pissed, with fake sideburns sticked on his head! He knew the rules and was just having a good time.

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Rocking Ronnie said...

Cool dit te zien,
wat was het weer een feest,
jammer dat je niet zondag avond nog in heartbreakhotel was ,a real swingin party met DJ ad koning en the mischiefs

grtz rocking ronnie