Monday, September 22, 2008

Luchadors, cool as f*ck????..

Yes, I do like Lucha Libre!! I have to admit that it's hard to see the matches here in Holland and that I like the classic fighters more, but still I do think that the masked Luchadors are cool as f*ck! Until now....
I've seen this book a few time's on the shelf, but was never able to look into it. It doesn't come cheap so I never bought it.
Well,I have seen it now, and it chanced my looks at the subject!
The book is called "Lucha Loco" by Malcolm Venville. Man, what's wrong with these guys?

Hombre Rata

Exotico la Chona



Super Muneco



Negro Navarro



Coco Blanco

Dr. Cerebro

Los Momias

But than again. The book Mondo Lucha a go-go suits me way better.

This is my way of Lucha Libre.

Luchadors cool as f*ck?........ HELL YEAH!!!

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