Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rogues choppershow 2012

Last weekend was the Rogues MC Choppershow. Without doubt the best choppershow in the Netherlands. Together with my Garage Maniacs buddys I took care of a big booth with a line up of 18 Choppers!! Man was I proud! Most pics are made on saturday, the day before the show. So that's why there is no audience....... deuh.In centre Marc's Knuckle, Martin's Sporty and Patrick's Pan chop.
Marc's Pan chop, Erik's Shovel, Chris's Shovel and Giel's, Rene's, John's and Stef's.
Martin's dirt track Sporty.

Harry's saltflat racer. On Bonneville next year!
Rogues President Beer knows for sure, his next ride wil be a Puch chopper!

Having a beer at the Rogues clubhouse.
Good times, good peoples!
Los Mustacheros!
A couple more beers before we all crashed..

Rogue Beer just finished this great Chopper for his girl.
Superb bike with paint done by Royal Jack from the Netherlands
One of the nice Rogues booths
Two nice Choppers from the Schapekoppen.
Very nice booth with sweet bike from Slik.

Two sweet bikes from Red Hill Choppers, Germany.
The blue bike won "best of show"
We all had two great days and the weather was cold, but dry. A little rain on the way back, but nothing serious. Thanks to you all!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old pics

I prefer posts with personal pics and happenings, but untill then,
old pics, stolen from all over the net....