Thursday, December 11, 2008

TCB Magazine

Today in the mailbox
( no, not a pair of golden super sixties... bummer)
TCB Magazine # 5. A rad Australiën magazine stuffed with the right kind of choppers, Hot Rods and cool Pin ups!!
And for a price that fits my low budget( all prices include shipping). Now this isn't the last issue but let's say I was atrackted by the cover.....


anobexia said...

Waar heb je het magazine besteld.
coole blog , meer van dat.
greetz benny

Sik said...

Hey Benny. The word TCB magazine in the post is sort of blue. This is linked to the TCB magazine site!
There are a lot of links "hidden" in many posts.

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

yo SIK,
your blog keeps on rockin!!!
I check your blog regulary!
keep on going....
cheers Oli