Thursday, January 8, 2009

Case's '46 Knuckle

Yesterday in my mailbox: a bunch of cool pictures from Case's '46 Knucklehead!
"For your blog!"; now that's what I call cool!
Case is the Moderator for the Dutch/ Belgian traditional Chopper and Bobber messageboard "oldskoolchoppers". And that's also how I met Case about three years ago.
He wanted to start this messageboard and asked me or I was whilling to join in. Sure!
I was the 5th on the board that gives room to 70 garage maniacs today. ( and is still growing!)While building a Panhead chopper Case had the chance to buy this killer-Knuckle.
Paint by el Cheapo and great pics by Limpe Iven.
Check the last issue of Greasy Kulture for more!

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