Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garage Maniacs Party 2009

Last weekend we had the annual "Garage Maniacs Party".
A private party for some Dutch and Belgian Greaseheads.

Now, what do you call; a campfire, a broken foot, a burned couch, a crazy ride out, a tattoo session in the shed, a low budget paintjob on rene's car, a barbeque with a lots of beer, live music and some cool sickles?

Answer; a wild weekend!

Martin at the rendezvous point in the central Lowlands

were we picked up Case, Tjebbe, Panic, John and Patrick.

Case's Knucklehead.

We know now that a bucket of water won't help when your foot is broken!
Jeroen got kicked back by his Ironhead!!
He ended up in the hospital, to bad!

And I was pissed because of a charging problem caused by a broken wire.
( pic by geronimo)

Sjofels Sickle

The Flathead from Sub.

Yeah.... well, don't ask.
( pic by Geronimo)
Campfire, good people and a low budget paintjob.

Damn good way to spend some time!


Pascal said...

looks like a good way to spend the weekend! Old skool all the way!

John said...
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John said...

Broken wire? Charging problem? How did you solve it?