Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rogues Chopperday Almere

Last Sunday the Rogues MC chapter in Almere had their first chopperday. It was very small en cosy. Still I was a bit disappointed cause there where not that many hardcore choppers! Of course there where the choppers from the Rogues MC Opmeer, but there where hardly any new choppers to be seen. It was a good way to spend my time anyway! Some Rogues gastanks

Liked this chopper, it's not realy wild, but It's cool.


beer said...

Next time we hope to see all the old skool forum guys riding in on their choppers! Yeah, Sik that's you and your buddies. I agree we could have used more chops but this is a ride-in thing. Next year maybe. Good times though.

Sik said...

Hahahaha! A fucked up gearbox ( just a couple of days earlier) forced me to take the car. And it feels kind a stupid to enter a chopper event with a four wheeler, especially when the meeting is almost in your backyard, and your one of the guys that realy rides his fucked up chopper hard.
So yes; I was sorry not to come on my scoot, and yes; I was sorry to see not that many new choppers. ( but it seems that I'm one of the guys to blame)
However, as said, it was a good way to spend my time!

Take care.