Friday, July 24, 2009

1th Price at Choppertown nation contest!!

Holy Twisted Sissy-bar!!
I won 1th price at the Choppertown nation bike contest, chopper class!! And with guys like
Kutty Noteboom and Irish Rich in the jury that's more than an honour! First price is a
huge amount of goodies! Dickies clothes, Biltwell helmet, Glitter grips and a Choppertown DVD set. I'm flabbergasted! Check it out and.... sign in!


veneman said...

Gefeliciflapstaart man!!

ZZ chop said...

you're a winner, always have been!!!

Chris said...


Floris Velthuis said...

En terecht! Is ook een heel mooie fiets!

Oliquattro said...

NICE!! gefeliciteerd!