Thursday, December 10, 2009


Gonna buy me a new computer soon folks. But; no update for the next few days! Hope to be back at the headquarters soon!


"Daddyfrisco" Ray said...

hey there Sik my man! my blog's back online, "Sleeveless Denims", how you been? anyways just wanna say g'luck on the new year yeah!

Anonymous said...

De "few day's" zijn nu toch wel over, kom op ik wil nieuwe posten zien.

René van Zandwijk

Sik said...


Got me a new notebook yesterday so I hope to be back at the headquarters somewhere next week. It's gonna be BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER.....


Hope to see you guys back here!!


Oliver said...

yo sik,remember me? ik zat op chopperstyle forum met mijn jawa.
jawa is op wat kleine dingen na af. ben nu bezig met een triumph.
ben een bloggie begonnen.
werkt je notebook al....?
cheers Oli