Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rogues Choppershow

This show has been the season opener for years now! So last Sunday I took my wife and kid to watch some choppers.Almost no company bike's. And that's cool! Beer, one of the shows organizers, took his "Frisco Fuck up", modern bike, old style!
" That Crazy beat " took care of the music. Very nice band!

Nisse finally got himself a cool chopper! This thing looks as fucked up as can be!! And that's what choppers is about! Favourite of the day was El Cheapo's Shovelhead. A short and narrow chopper with a lot of rough edges. Absolute killer!!!

Sorry ZZ, when I saw this t-shirt for sale on the show I almost bought it for ya! So sorry, 'cause I didn't! Cheers Mate!!


ZZ chop said...

ha! ik heb er zeker wel even naar staan kijken hahaha!

Nisse said...

Thanx man!
Great seeing you agian!