Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Choppertown Nation Meeting 2011

Well, it's rather strange when you make an illustration, and make it into a poster/ flyer, and find it posted on other sites and blogs before you can post it yourself. But.... tadaaaaaa, here it is!!
The flyer for the upcomming chopper frenzy in Germany next year! This edition's gonna be massive, believe me. And did you you see all the companies that are involved?
Now you don't have to be a member of the Choppertown nation (though signing up is free) to come to the party, but it could be that members will get some advantages. Now , this party is just over the Dutch border, and pretty close to Belgium too. Hell, when you live in Switzerland, Austria,France, Italy, Denmark.... or even more up north remember one thing; your Chopper is made to ride! Ride it up here!
Keep updated here.



Nomad63 said...

i'll be there
Harry to

Needs some party; hell yea

revdeckster said...

i might move to germany this year...hope i can join the party..time to lookin for a new bike ha ha ha...take care brother

Sik said...

Say what reverend? Are you kidding me? I'll stay tuned man, keep me informend!


revdeckster said...

yap, i move to berlin, germany ! sometime soon... yeah, need a new rides ... keep in touch brother !