Monday, August 29, 2011

Opening Kustom Korner

Yesterday we went to the opening of a new shop in Ede, the Netherlands; the Kustom Korner. Buddy Rinus came all the way from the south with his great Shovel Chopper in the back of his van. It was the plan to take the bikes to the party, but the weather was so bad, we had to hold our breath outside, or we would have drowned for sure! So we took the Sub-Mobile and picked up Jessey and Martin.

We went to pick up ZZ-chop's Tjebbe and tried to steal as many cool parts as possible from his Sick Shack. Without succes by the way!

The rain seemed to be over for a while, and with just a few miles to the party

Tjebbe pulled out one of his bikes and escorted us in style!

Now Kustom Korner is actually four firms together; "Short-Cut Choppers","Customs and Classics", "Ledsled Customs" and "Kustom Bart".

In the Short Cut Choppers workshop we saw these great choppers. The Honda is well known in the family, and overrules all choppers I know!

Very nice bikes in the showroom!

And a lot of cool parts! Thanks for the Beer and the Hot-Dogs guys!

And on the way home we something unknown....... the sun!


Niels said...

I was happy to see and talk to you all again!
Too bad about the shit weather wojuld have love to make some more miles with you all.
Nice shop indeed!

Niels 'shovelheadbanger' hahaha

Sik said...

Same here Buddy!

Just saw a pic of your upcomming new ride' pretty cool man!

Dock said...

Is that a new digger fender? If it is I think thats one of mine. Bike looks good!