Friday, March 16, 2012

Shit, I'm involved in so many things right now there's no time left for Bloggin'!
But I'm having fun anyhow! Here's some things you should know and were you should go!
Sideshow 2012
I finished drawing the poster weeks ago and I'm ashamed I didn't posted this before. Bad support, sorry! But hey, there's enough time left! For more info go to the Choppertown Nation Meeting Blog. Don't argue, be there!!!
The Ken Nagahara "Coast to Coast" Photo expo!
Pics from the epic journey Ken, Max Schaaf and Chris Lindig took from Oakland to New York in 2010. I had the pleasure to meat them there, and now we can all see how they lived for 7000 miles on the road! This is going all over Europe folks. No excuse not to go!
Check the Choppertown Nation Meeting Blog for more info

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