Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Garage Maniacs Party 5....

I promissed some more pics from our Garage Maniacs Party but got stuck in getting my
films on You-tube. Somehow I can't get it uploaded in widescreen!? WTF? So I'm still
workin' on that one. However, some more pics from the best crowd in the world!
 Rinus, Stef and Rob at their arrival
Nice campground!
 Jan on his just finished chopper, being bothered by some old Hairy dude! Jan made almost everything himself and finished just days before our meeting!
Rinus and his cone Shovel! 
Remco's brutal XS.
He rode it all the way to our party. Cool man!

And another film! This one's made bij Dieter during his ride
with Chris from Belgium, and at the party.  Good times!!

And yes, more to come.....

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