Saturday, August 14, 2010

low budget/ no budget

While making some minor changes on the bike I thought it was fun to give my axed tank a little make over. With some leftover rattlecans, masking tape and almost no time I made this..
Wat do you need;
1- gastank
3-masking tape

I wanted to start with a gold base, but unfortunately the can was almost empty already.
The pic doesn't show how bad it looks. But it's just a base for the striping tape so.... never mind. It's meant as a joke anyway!

With the base on it you can go berserk with the masking tape.
No clue what I was doing!

I also mask the inside from the banners.

Then I use the red I once used for a rear wheel. After removing the white tape this is the result.
Mmmmm, not so bad. The blue tape is stil on, masking the gold.

Then I mask the red.
Now things are going to fast.
I spray the banners blue and do some shadow with the airbrush.
Clearcoat on it and before I have time to make a picture I've got to go to a party.
No time to dry the paint or do a test ride with my "new" KH fork.
But the result isn't that bad at all.
More later!!

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Anonymous said...

Hé Sikster, je verrast me weer jongen. Ziet er zeer goed uit. Je kunt zeker de strijd aan met Martin.