Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Next week...

So buddy Lutz, who is the main man from Choppertown Nation in West Europe sez; " Hey Sik, shall we go to New York, a Dice party and a bikeshow?"
........ mmmm,. let me think, what would you say?

So next week we'll fly over to the States for a couple of days! Yeeehaw! Really lookin' forewards to this.
Now Max Schaaf, who's one of the guests on the show is gonna ride his chopper from Oakland to Brooklyn!! That's about 3500 miles!! And back again. Man, some great trip that will be!
Good luck Max!

Max rides

Couldn't resist makin' an animation from these Scott Pommier pics!



you should definately get there, it`s the coolest show on the planet, get some beers for me on friday in matchless bar. cheers MBL

Sik said...

Thanks mate, good luck with your hand! Now will you make it or not?

Cheers, Sik