Friday, November 12, 2010

*WIN*WIN*WIN* blahblahblah

Now Lutz went to Speyer a couple of weeks ago and landed at the Flaming Star. Nothing special you might think, but; first who sees what Lutz secrets mission was will get absolute brilliant prices!! Well... sort of that is. You'll get three promotional Greaseheadquarters postcards and the Greaseheadquarters sticker!!! Oh my, delivered for free!! Now I know that what he did is almost sacrilege, but it was a nice surprise I'd say! Thanks Lutz (no Saint)!


knukkel said...

Does it have something to do with a particular sticker in the 3rd pic...?

Sik said...

Well, that's more of a question than a answer my dear Knukkel!
Still I consider it the winning answer!!! Though there are stickers on every pic. Oh man, that was one exciting contest.... wasn't it??
Whatever! Please send your adress to; so I can send you the goodies.

Unknown said...

Sik, I love the postcards and the stickers... (alleen jammer dat ze zo slecht plakken.. ze laten steeds los.)

Sik said...

Yeah, the last stickers sticked like shit. Sorry about that. There will be new, better stickin' stickers soon.



TwoTone said...

So if they ain't stickin', they must be flying... So, they are more kind of flyers... Mmmm.
There is a flyer on the wall, hope the King doesn't sqash it...
Cheers, Ton.