Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dark moment

A couple of years ago I went to the Bottrop Kustom Kulture show in Germany. I left early and on the way I picked up ZZ chop's Tjebbenator. Together we passed the border and the weather was as good as can be. We enjoyed the ride and after a couple of hours we reached the party ground.
Just as we passed the entrance my engine went dead, just like that! At this time of day this was the most crowded place of the show. So here I was, kicking my lungs out, everybody was watching and the bike did absolutely nothing. I refused to take the bike and walk to my spot, so I did what I had to do and after a while, and a lot of sweat, the bike finally started to roar.
I hoped this insident would be forgotten in time, but I found out someone took pictures of this dark moment......

So, thanks Paul for making this a moment no one will ever forget.....

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