Monday, November 10, 2008

Bigtwin Bike expo 2008, a good place to meet......

Tjeerd from Short cut choppers and Tjebbe,
Me and Mark from DBBP

El Cheapo ( incognito on request) was there to promote his upcoming Magazine "Motorized"!!
Thanks for the free sampler man, it looks absolutly great!!!

And Erik.

Jessey didn't want me to take a picture..

A bearded official,..... hey it's Philip!!

A frightened official,..... hey it's Arjan!!

Ready to submerge, it's Sub himself, and no f*kin' kidding, he's got some kind of bionic hand thing!!

Me and Maurice, the Flyin'Dutchman!!

Marcel from Bike Hospital.

Thanks for the coffee and the good story's!!

Geronimo, Philip and Dennis...
and two wicked midgets in the background; my Amigo's Marco & Marco


Anonymous said...

u r blog Is very nice

Sik said...

Hey Jacob, thanks man!!

Anonymous said...

It was a good day, sunday!
I think I look quite fancy in the picture, ehehe.

Great thing you enabled the comments-thing!