Wednesday, November 26, 2008

XR 750 to XR 1200

Damn, the XR750 must be my all time favorite Harley-Davidson Factory machine. Everything is right on this übercool machine. This is one machine I would never chop.
( And will never own I'm affraid!)

Now yesterday I received an E-mail from Kelly Yahr, a representative of the Harley Davidson company. She came across my blog an thought I might be interessted in some info on the just released XR 1200. Now, as I told her, I'm not really a Factory-bike kind of guy, but the XR 1200 is something different. This bike looks like one hell of a ride. Man, would I have a lot of fun on this machine. Of course the XR1200 is inspired by the XR750. It's a streetmachine this time, and it looks like a whole lotta fun!!

Thanks for the pics and info Kelly!!

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