Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bigtwin Bike expo 2008, a good place to see....

... lots of choppers!!!

It's always sad to see so many bullshit choppers on show's like this. It probably took a lot of labor to put it together, but i'ts just not wat I think choppers is about!!

It was just so much fun to find, between all hightech choppers..... Tjebbe's 70's Shovel!!!
Everything 'bout this bike says " Fuck ya'll!!" This bike is so pure, so ugly, I love it!! Diesty's Panhead!!

Philip's Shovel!!And I love the seat Peer made for this bike!!

This was one of the winners in the Oldskool class. Robin's very neat Panhead!! A great paintjob, though I think it distracts a bit from all beautiful details. It's cool to see that Tjeerd's Yamaha won a price! It proofs that it's still possible to win at a show like this with a low budget, home made chopper!! One of my favorites has to be Andy's pricewinning super-freaky Panhead! So many details, crazy as hell!!


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! A lot of bikes I did'nt like... I'm glad that 3 of the bikes I loved won! I think Andys long bike is a bit over the top with details but killing non the less... Love the paint!

Too bad I was a day early and missed you and those other scumbags!

Tjebbes shovel is insane.. soooo wrong.. sooo right!


revdeckster said...

our friend send pix from this event...lotsa kool bike !
ps.check www.greaserstemple.blogspot.com