Friday, February 13, 2009

Limpe Iven's Hot-Rod foto expo

We went to Rotterdam last thursday for Limpe Iven's Dutch Hot-Rod livestyle expo
and had a great evening.
There where huge repro's from Limpe's pics, good people, cold beer,
live rock a billy and free hot dogs!
Live was good this cold Dutch night!

On our way to Rotterdam Masto found a hair in his food!
Cool cars in front of Dudok where the expo is ... Now that's one hell of a cool bar!!

(and, yes, I mean that pic by Limpe!) Limpe Iven; the man himself!

The Dice Rebels. Philip, Maurice "the Flyin' Dutchman"and free hot-dogs..What the fuck are Tjebbe and Diestyboy talkin'about?? Check out Limpe's blog and the gallery on his commercial site.

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