Thursday, February 26, 2009

What the fuck....

..... is going on at Greaseheadquarters??? No new posts for almost a week???

Yeah, well.... sorry folks. I'm really busy at the moment. I was workin' on some cool things allready conserning some upcoming chopper-partys when I received an e-mail from Beer last week. Beer is member of 1%er club Rogues MC Opmeer, posting on Church on choppers and is organising one of the coolest chopper shows in the Netherlands for 18 years now.

Beer had a great idea, he wanted a B-movie bike booth on the next choppershow, in April, and was hoping I could dress the booth up a little with some items from my Mexican garage bar, "el Taco-Bar". Hell yeah, I was going wild, best idea ever! Actually I had so many ideas that it was all right with Beer when I'd take care of the booth all the way.

So right now I'm busy with contacting a lot of people with bikes that would fit this profile, and realising the booth. I have to say that I'm really honoured that I've been asked to do this!

I won't show anything of the preparations or bikes until the show is over, sorry for that. Right after there will be enough to post right here!

Sad thing is that I will be posting a little less than usually the next few weeks. Hope you all will understand.


revdeckster said...

goodluck !

Anonymous said...
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TwoTone said...

Good lucky Amigo! Can't wait to see the booth, I'm sure you'll make something beautiful! Kick (someones) Ass!
I'll put a post for you on my blog then ha ha ha! Have fun.

Floris Velthuis said...

Succes, sounds like a good idea! I see you there at the show!

Anonymous said...
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