Sunday, February 8, 2009

Martin's motor mock up

Big fun last friday-night while making some mock up's with Martin's project. Loved this setup!!
Mustang with 70's paintjob and crazy handlebars!!
Tropical Danny gastank in combination with a pretty long springer.
Eye candy!!
Martin, Tjebbe and me,
no fun without beers an a rubber hammer!


Anonymous said...

Holy shiznit that is sssssssooooooooo sweeeeeet! Damn!
envy envy!

Anonymous said...

"Doe mijn een Toppertje, en..."
Diggin' that springer a WHOLE lot!
I sure do hope he uses that tropical gastank as well!

Anonymous said...

wat is nou voor achterspattert ?

een ouwe sporty voorkant soms ?

Anonymous said...


Sik said...

Say Bral, it's a stock HD rearfender, slightly trimmed.