Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Choppertown Nation Meeting 2011

Last weekend we all went to Kaldenkirchen, Germany, for the Choppertown Nation Meeting.
We had a couple of meetingpoints on our way and the pack kept on growing and growing..
To bad Jessey's bike broke down!

Niels's Gastank


Last group arriving..

Choppertown Kaldenkirchen

As always, no pics from the nighttimes.

But I ran my bike into a wall (no damage, apart from the mental damage that is)
On the camping site we almost got into a fight for three times!
And finaly ended in the caravan with Sven ( el Cheapo) Gilles, their girls and Rico.
Good times!

Morning glory.

And the ride home was perfect! Full throttle Shovel speed!


René said...

Was weer een mooi weekend!!!!

Sik said...

Oh yeah baby!