Friday, July 15, 2011

Does anything beat the 1966 Batmobile?

No I'd say, there's no cooler custom car than the 1966 Batmobile! 'Cause I'm a big sucker for anything that is 1966 Batman!! Let's face it, Adam West is the Batman!!

Still I'd have to admit there is one car cooler than the 1966 Batmobile. It's the base of George Barris's Batmobile; the 1956 Lincoln Futura!!

And what it became!

Shit, both cars gives me the shivers!!


KustomJeff said...

You need to visit You will get lost for hours. I used to hang out on their message board. Lots of good folks and a ton of cool info. You are correct that Adam West IS Batman!

Sik said...

Hi Jeff,

Yes man, I'm familiar with It's smashing!! But thanks for your info!
-Elvis IS the King of rock 'n roll
-Muhammed Ali IS the Greatest of all time!
-Bruce Lee IS the Dragon!
-Steve mcQueen IS the coolest!
-Adam West IS the Batman!

Simple Facts!

Cheers man!

Simon Schempp said...

Well, I admit that Adam West was the best Batman. One of the reasons why I watched Batman aside from Adam West was the cool Batmobile. If I ever see one personally, the first thing I'll do is drive it myself. But that's pretty much impossible. Well, I can dream, right?

Angelica Emmanuel said...

Batmobiles are really cool, no matter how old the versions are. With their futuristic appeal, I think they're really made for super humans or those with millions of money to spend. I wish car manufacturers could mass-produce these and sell them at a people-friendly price.

Sik said...

Well Angelica, this is what bothers me day after day. Why can't they make great looking, but affordable cars these days?? I'm affraid we'll never know!

Cheers, Sik

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