Friday, July 22, 2011

Touring the Lowlands with Lutz and Rico Fodrey, part2

With just a few hours left on the wednesday we had not to much time left. I desided to go to the "Batavia ship building yard" where they rebuild Dutch 17th century ships. And they do it the old, traditional way. We all loved the craftmanship, the traditional tools end the smell of wood and ropes.

Most populair was, no surprise, the Blacksmit!
All steel parts of the ships are made here,the old way!
Kids who are hardly 20 beat the shit out of the red hot metal! Respect!


Rico loved the one and only "modern" piece of equipment, a pre WW II Airhammer.

The finished ship;" the Batavia"
The soldiers deck. For 9 months they were not allowed to go out because
of the risk on fighting with the sailors. Can you imagine this?? 9 Months!!

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