Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flakekings burnout bash!!

Now, there are a few simple rules in life. Like when you are being invited for a party with the Flakekings. You don't hesitate, you'll party!!

Like they say: Show up or shut up!!
To many cool projects to ignore!
And with so many creative people in one room
you can expect a few home made gifts for the guys!

Like this metalflake "Flakekings" bat by el Cheapo!

Or this wicked "Flakekings" oil can!

Giant "Flakeking" stickers by Guzzmen!

And well, I painted this "Flakekings" billboard for the Gods of Sparkle!

'Cause you can't come empty handed!

No chance to get cold!

Gus knows!

And, well......... no, you don't wanna know!

Thanks Amigos for your hospitality!

Good times, good peoples!


FlakeKings said...

Thanks a million o great curly bearded one!

Guzzmen said...

Good seeing Ya in flesh&blood,
didn`t took time to talk to You properly , next time we`ll have to take the time talk up ...
Cheers Nico

Sik said...

Hey Big guy,

Same here! Next time we'll talk sickles and rock 'n roll.
There where just to many peoples to talk to, and not enough time.
Good party though!

Cheers mate,