Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The arrival of the licence plate holder...

Now this guy told me he worked in a metal factory and was able to cut any kind of shape,from any kind of metal. Whenever I had anything he'd do it for free......... Hehehehe, so I gave him my wish-list! From rather easy stuff to quite complex! After a few weeks I got a call that he finished one of the things, and he gave me this..... I was like "What the Fuck??", "did I ordered this?" Then I recognized the shape, it was my licenceplate holder, only a little bit to...... SMALL!! Turned out he took the centimeters for millimeters, and didn't read the big "LICENCE PLATE HOLDER" on top. Actually rather funny, and after a week I got the right sized holder, thanks man!

Bye bye tie wraps, this looks way more solid!
I wonder how the rest of the metal thingymajics will work out!
Keep you posted!


Unknown said...

Haha, funny shit.
I love that you're running the taillight & plate on the sissy!
I never understand why one woul;d run a sissy and a sidemount.
(but then again I hate mounts, yes i run one for a month or so..)

Sik said...

That's what sissy-bars are for! I'll tie any shit on it, tools, sleeping bag, rain suit,...licence plate, even my ol lady! Hahaha


FlakeKings said...

In the (metal) industry where we're from, people who take measurements in cm are laughed at and mockingly called carpenters, hahahah. Don't worry though, you're still cool in our book! See you next week at the CNM!

Sik said...

But than again... is it so hard to read for peoples in the metal industry? ;-)